Print advertising is alive and well in 2017. In fact, placing ads in local magazines is one of the best ways to reach your audience. It’s safe to say that nearly every state has a magazine that focuses on the local population. Numerous US cities also have magazines that pay special attention to local interests. This means that advertisers have a large market to explore when they want to reach local audiences. Below are some of the top benefits of advertising in local magazines.

Specific Market

By advertising in a local magazine, you gain access to a dedicated market. Community members who read local magazines are likely very passionate about where they live. Therefore, they are probably more interested than the average consumer when it comes to ads that promote local services. While national businesses can benefit from local advertising, local businesses will especially benefit.

Higher Engagement

Research shows that web users aren’t really that engaged with the websites they interact with. Take a look at this article to learn about some web myths. You may be surprised to learn that just because a user clicks on a link doesn’t mean she actually reads what she clicked. Magazine readers, on the other hand, have a different relationship with the medium. Readers typically take their time when going through a magazine, soaking up the images and the text. There seems to be something about holding a magazine that makes readers more engaged.

Less Competition

Many advertisers erroneously believe that print is dead. This means that there’s less competition for businesses who do advertise in magazines. The online advertising market is cluttered with ads, making it difficult to stand out. In a magazine, though, your ad is more likely to be noticed by readers.

Less Fear

Web users are hesitant to click on digital ads—especially if the ads are on a site they’re visiting for the first time. Sometimes clicking an ad can take you to a site that infects your computer with malware. Readers have nothing to fear when browsing through the pages of a magazine. Since print magazines have been around longer than digital ads, they also have more credibility than any ad on the internet.

Staying Power

Digital ads come and go. Most users consider them nuisances and therefore ignore them. On the other hand, magazine ads demand to be looked at since they can take up to an entire page. Plus, magazines have a long shelf life, often finding a home on a coffee table for at least a month, giving the ad more opportunities to be viewed.