Trevor Marca

Professional Overview

Trevor Marca is an experienced marketing professional based in Burbank, CA who is dedicated to fostering positive bonds between neighbors and connecting communities. As the publisher of Glendale Hills Living and La Canada Flintridge Neighbors magazines, Trevor aims to provide local residents with entertaining, informative, and educational content.

Glendale Hills Living and La Canada Flintridge Neighbors are private, community magazines committed to helping build and strengthen personal relationships within their local communities. Trevor Marca has worked tirelessly to tap into the pulse of the community in an effort to spread positive news, promote events and small businesses, and recognize community leaders.

Trevor was inspired to get into publishing a community-centric magazine after recognizing that most media outlets focus on the negative aspects of communities, while ignoring the numerous community leaders and events that make these neighborhoods wonderful places to live. Additionally, Trevor noticed how in today’s digital age, many neighborhoods have begun to drift apart and the camaraderie and closeness he experienced while growing up is largely lacking. Although technology has allowed people from all around the world to connect and share experiences, it has come at the expense of personal relationships and engagement within local communities. Trevor Marca hopes to reverse this trend, and strengthen the bonds that have held communities together for so many years.

After discovering the opportunity available with Best Version Media, Trevor set out to promote these ideals, starting with select neighborhoods in the city of Glendale. This proved to be much more difficult than he imagined it would be, as he struggled at first to gain the trust and support necessary to make a community magazine work.

Trevor realized the magnitude of the problem at hand: many people believed community pride was dead.  He heard comments such as, “Nobody would read that because people don’t care about their neighbors anymore.” Trevor, however, knew there were others who still valued community and sought to surround himself with those who shared his vision and could aid him toward achieving his goal.

Eventually, the backing and excitement for the magazine began to grow as it inched closer to print.  When the magazines hit mailboxes for the first time, residents showered Trevor with compliments about how much they love the magazine and what a great addition it is to their neighborhood. Families began to open up their doors, share their stories, and connect with their neighbors. The community truly embraced the work that he was doing. Trevor feels incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to foster these relationships and strengthen the community bonds.

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Top Benefits Of Advertising In Local Magazines

Top Benefits Of Advertising In Local Magazines

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Trevor Marca is a strong advocate for print media as a viable means of advertising. Although digital media has consumed a great deal of advertising dollars, print media has several distinct advantages, especially when its strategy is to micro-target desirable local neighborhoods.

Glendale Hills Living and La Canada Flintridge Neighbors magazines are able to effectively target and reach relevant audiences in the local community in ways that cannot be replicated digitally. While digital mediums can shoot a message out far and wide, these community magazines penetrate 100% of local businesses’ ideal target markets on a monthly basis  The frequency and consistency of these messages lead to the top of the mind awareness essential for a company to build their brand in front of the community’s most affluent and influential residents. Furthermore, businesses are able to build a greater deal of trust within the community by educating them through content marketing instead of just trying to sell products.

Community Builder

Through his work with Glendale Hills Living and La Canada Flintridge Neighbors, Trevor has gained a tremendous amount of experience in fundraising, sponsorship, event planning, and community outreach. In an effort to help support his community in big ways, Trevor partnered with Elida Tsou, a prominent social entrepreneur in the Glendale community.

Together the duo has teamed up to combine Trevor’s network in the community and Elida’s event specialist experience to leverage their connections, knowledge, and business platforms to provide a great deal of support for a number of organizations in the area with the goal of bringing more business to local businesses, more awareness and funds to local charities and bring neighbors and the community together in a meaningful way.

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