Trevor Marca: BVM

Best Version Media is an international publishing company

They specialize in private, family-oriented, neighborhood specific magazines that serve residents, home owner’s associations, villages and local businesses. We produce “social media,” and we do it in print form.
What is social media? Social media is about being on the inside of a network. It’s participating within a community with a localized interest. By empowering neighbors to communicate effectively and efficiently with one another, we bring businesses and neighbors together. Not to mention, we allow businesses the opportunity to increase their influence through powerful content marketing!
BVM started in 2007 with six magazines. Today, BVM has hundreds of magazines and is one of the fastest growing, privately held media companies in North America

Why advertise with BVM?
89.4% Open Rate
• Content features residents and neighborhoods
• Homeowners reference the publication up to 5 TIMES EACH MONTH
(according to internal surveys)
• 89.4% of the residents open the magazine
(according to an independent village survey)
92.6% High Value
• Neighborhood specific micro-target marketing
• Relevant content = REPEAT READERSHIP
• Independent survey shows 92.6% of residents found the content very useful
100% Market Penetration
• Mailed directly to residents’ homes
• Affluent, highly educated residents and readers with buying power
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