In today’s hyperconnected world where every friend and family member is a click or call away, you would think that community bonds are stronger than ever. Yet, a study released last year reported that one-third of Americans don’t even know their neighbors. There are numerous benefits to being more involved in your community. Below are some ideas on how you can get started as well as some reasons on why you should.


Humans are social creatures. Saying hello to the strangers you meet in your neighborhood or making small talk might seem trivial, but these two actions will make your day more enjoyable. Getting to know your neighbors will make your life easier in many ways. If you run out of sugar, knock on the neighbor’s door. Need someone to pick up your mail while you’re away? Ask the neighbor. Most important of all, you might find someone who shares your interests. Then you can count that neighbor as one of your friends.

Neighborhood Watch

Getting to know your neighbors is just the beginning of strengthening your ties to the community. If you want to contribute to the safety of your community, join or start a neighborhood watch. By joining a neighborhood watch, you become the eyes and ears of your community. You’ll be able to bond with neighbors, create an environment that hinders crime, and assist your local police officers by reporting any crime. To get started, host a potluck or picnic with your neighbors and see if there is any interest.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to your community. When you volunteer you’ll get to know the people in your community, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you made a positive impact. When you volunteer you make an investment in your community. You can help out by serving food, teaching others, or cleaning up/improving an area like a park. It’s likely that there are numerous local organizations in your area that need volunteers.

Organize An Event

If you’re ambitious you can create your own event that benefits the community. For example, you could sell baked goods or hold a car washing event and donate the money to a local charity. You can make the event as simple or as complex as you want—it’s up to you. Organizing a charitable event is a great way to test your event planning skills and help your community out at the same time.

Strengthening your ties to the community will make your life better, and your actions will make your community a better place to live in. Whether you make an effort to get to know your neighbors’ names or you volunteer at a local organization, any step you take toward strengthening your ties will have a positive impact on you and your community.