In today’s digital world it might seem like online advertising is more effective than print advertising since it’s so pervasive. However, a number of studies show that print advertising is just as effective as online advertising, and in some cases, it’s even better. Keep reading to learn more about print advertising and how it compares to online advertising.

More Focus

In recent years the number of computer users has exploded. As more users gained access to the Internet, more online advertisements appeared. Yet just because online advertising is so prevalent, doesn’t mean it’s better. In 2008, the Journal of Research in Reading published a study that explained some of the pitfalls of online advertising. It turns out that being able to manipulate an online page distracts users from focusing on the ad. On the other hand, users who view traditional print advertising are able to focus more on the ad. Readers are able to focus more on print media because there are fewer distractions like links to videos or sounds playing in the background.

More Control

Print advertising gives the reader more control over how they experience the advertisement. For example, when a person reads a magazine she decides how long to look at the ad. The ad doesn’t disappear after thirty seconds like many online ads do. It’s also worth noting that people typically look at printed ads longer than online ads.

Better Quality

Most online ads are considered nuisances. They pop up and prevent users from viewing a video or article. In fact, many users install software to block online ads because they find the ads so annoying. On the other hand, print ads usually occupy an entire page, look pleasing to the eye, and don’t get in the way of the content the user seeks. Instead, they complement it. Most digital ads are squished into banners or sidebars, and they don’t look as good as a full page print advertisement.

Creating A High-Quality Print Ad

If you plan to use print advertisements to promote your business, there are a couple of elements your ad should include. One of the best things about printed advertisements is how specific the audience is. For example, most people who purchase finance magazines are interested in finance. They expect to see advertisements that relate to finance and not, say, beauty products. Therefore, when creating an ad you need to make sure that you target the appropriate audience by choosing the right magazine or newspaper.

For more information on creating high-quality ads, take a look at this article. It lists some great tips that will help you create the most effective advertisement for your business.